2017 NHCA Legislative Summit


Benefits from attending the NHCA Legislative Summit:

  • Network with national Hispanic leaders, general contractors who have projects all over the Nation and political and business leaders you read about or see in the media. Meet and build relationships with national leaders in the construction industry and government.
  • You get the chance to meet new people and sometimes to even rub shoulders with industry and national leaders. Networking is one of the most popular reasons people cite for attending a conference. And who doesn't like the opportunity to get to know and meet new people who work in the same industry? There's an incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging that can happen.
  • You get to meet the experts and mentors face to face. It’s good to connect through email, it is better to connect on the phone, but the best way to connect is face to face, and always will be.  Conference speakers are usually available to chat and answer questions.
  • You will create a network of support that you can count on throughout the year. You can learn current strategies that are working for others. At events people tend to loosen up and will often share their ideas, strategies and war stories with you.
  • You will gain in-depth knowledge about federal policy issues affecting construction, procurement and diversity inclusion.
  • You will discover that sharing your voice with policy makers is not as difficult as it seems. The thought of meeting with an elected official can be intimidating, especially if you have never done this before.
  • You will get to walk the halls of power in Washington, DC. Operate like a Washington insider and walk the halls of Congress. You’ll be on Capitol Hill for meetings and will have time to see and explore the place where our legislators do the people’s business.
  • You will empower yourself with valuable information you can bring back to your community. What is happening in Washington, DC, does have a local impact. Learning about federal policy and current developments, as well as having the experience of meeting with federal officials.
  • Content... a few years ago, people went to conferences, learned lots of things and that was that. Then along came social media and everything changed. Now look around a room at a conference and note that almost everyone is tweeting snippets and stats using conference hashtags. By being part of the conference buzz, we get our names out there and get a slice of that coveted thought leadership pie.
  • Share... if you send someone to a conference and they learn and network and create content, then that's great. But, to truly make it valuable, they've got to bring all that back and share it with all the folks who didn't get to go to the conference, but could benefit from the good stuff. And, having the extra responsibility of bringing something back to share encourages your team to be present and engaged during the conference.

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