Regional Hispanic Contractors Association
Dallas Office

2210 W. Illinois Avenue
Dallas, TX 75224-1636
Phone: 972-786-0909
Email: info@regionalhca.org
Website: www.regionalhca.org

Florida Diversified Construction Association
14395 Sw139 Ct 101, Miami, FL 33186
Phone 305-791-8848
Fax 305-378-1616
Email: info@fldca.org
Website: fldca.org

Greater Washington DC
Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association
Address: 1841 Columbia Road NW, Suite 614 Washington, D.C. 20009
Phone: 202-203-0120
Email: info@dchispaniccontractors.com
Web: www.dchispaniccontractors.com

New York
New York Hispanics in Real Estate and Construction
1093 Jackson Ave, Ste 3RR
Long Island, NY 11101
Phone: 347-791-3310

Hispanic American Construction Industry Association
650 W. Lake Street, Suite 415
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: 312-575-0389
Fax: 312-575-0544
Email: info@haciaworks.org
Website: www.haciaworks.org

Georgia Hispanic Construction Association

2750 Buford Hwy NE, Suite 218

Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: 404-229-8070

Email: info@georgiahca.org
Website: www.georgiahca.org

Hispanic Contractors of Colorado

1114 W. 7th Ave. Suite 250

Denver, CO 80204 

Phone: 303-893-3893 

Fax: 303-893-2877

Email: info@hcc-diversityleader.org

Website: www.hcc-diversityleader.org

National Hispanic Construction Association of California

Phone: 213.285.3832

Email: al@nhca-ca.org

Contact the National HCA

Address: 1330 Locust Road NW | Washington, DC 20012-1319

Phone: +1 (214) 566-2410

Email: info@builtbylatinos.org

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The National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) is a non-profit 501 C (6) membership organization representing over 4,500 companies across the country that are directly affiliated with NHCA chapters. Collectively these chapters reach over 35,000 Hispanic owned construction firms through marketing, newsletters and social media networks. Here is how to join.

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