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NHCA Affiliate is an existing local or statewide education advocacy group that shares our overall goals and wants to join in to promote the mission and goals of NHCA in your area (i.e. New York’s affiliate New York Real Estate and Construction Association). - See more at:

NHCA Chapteris a new organization you start to promote the mission and goals of NHCA in your area. Chapters are usually named “NHCA-”city” or NHCA “state” (i.e. Florida Hispanic Construction Association). – see more at:

Hispanic Business Enterprise (without a chapter or affiliation) this member may not have a chapter or affiliate in its location. Until there are enough members to constitute a chapter being formed, individual membership will prevail in the NHCA.

Supplier membership (Non-Hispanic) include various classes of firms, corporations and/or firms who are engaged in services, or which provide materials or equipment, or which are otherwise integral, vital and necessary to the construction industry.

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The National Hispanic Construction Association (NHCA) is a non-profit 501 C (6) membership organization representing over 4,500 companies across the country that are directly affiliated with NHCA chapters. Collectively these chapters reach over 35,000 Hispanic owned construction firms through marketing, newsletters and social media networks. Here is how to join.

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